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Smith man asks: "I have one question about the Smith outfit. Most of the other outfits (non Smith) I have used say to use a Acetylene and oxygen pressure of 2 to 6 psi depending on the size material and size of the tip. The Smith instructions tell you to set the Acetylene and oxygen at 10psi for the welding tips from 32ga up to 1/2" (mw200 series) and 10 psi Acetylene for all of the sizes of the cutting tips.  (mc12 series) the oxygen pressures varied per size cutting tip as it should. Why are the pressures so high for the welding tip? Mainlythe Acetylene?? ( kinda close to 15) I have never used a setting that high before! I called Smith and they told me "yep ...10 psi Oxygen and Acetylene!"

The Tin Man Respondeth:

Hmmmmm, I would try opening the bottles with the regs closed. Open the torch valves all the way, and then slightly open the acet reg. and the ox.reg and light the torch. Then using the regs only, set for the best flame.Now check the regs for the pressure... 2-3 lbs for a .035 tip? Sounds normal to me.

Kent White

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