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    Stainless, working (Joe-cell)

We are building the Joe-cell car. The steel tubing we've got is (at this point of knowledge) the correct dimensions according to the data we've seen on the video, but it is slightly magnetic. They've stated plainly that magnetism is a quality we must avoid. 316 food grade steel is what we're using.

In order to build an outer chamber (housing) for the cell we have to weld a base plate onto the tube, or by machining a base and top plates that press fit and are bolted together one end to the other.

Tig welding has been recommended as it can weld with stainless, true? One of the requirements is the purity of the cells materials, i.e. it has to be all 316 steel.

Ok, lets say we get the chamber prepared Ok,......... my main query is how do we remove the residual magnetism the components have? Kent, I realize I'm picking your brains here and you do not have to answer anything without seeing the "color of my $" so your advice and input it is very much appreciated. :-)

All I can really offer you at this point is the knowledge we gain as we go along. Know that we are serious about getting a result (as I believe they work) and when we do, I'll certainly be spreading the word to everyone we can. I'm not interested in making money with this, I want to make fuel to drive our cars cleanly with for us all!

The Tin Man Respondeth:

316 is made magnetic by cold working. Annealing is done for stress-relief at 800F and up to 1200F, with cooling rates in ambient air unspecified. Time at temp is 1/2 hr to 2hr.

Pickling is recommended to remove discoloration from heat. If you choose to silverbraze the ends on, please use the good stuff: 30% and greater silver content with a good flux. I'd like to see the car run, as plenty of physicists would, too.



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