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Metal Work with the TM Air Power Hammers

Sky Wall, San Antonio, TX

The “Sky Wall” began in 2013 as a Public Art Commission for a large new hospital in San Antonio, TX. The artist, George Schroeder (Metalmorphosis, Schroeder Art), won the commission in a national public competition. More...

Hammered Copper Bell, Jaspar, IN

Joe Helming, of Helming Brothers, Inc. in Southern Indiana, asked me to help him and his assistant John make a large copper bell for a nearby country club barbeque area. 24 oz. copper sheet was used, hammered, and fit onto a fabricated steel framework. More...

Ferrari 250TR Restorations, TM Shop – Nevada City, CA

Students attending TM Technologies metalworking workshops have the opportunity to make parts using our Power Hammers. Since we have done three 250TR restorations over the years we still have the old bucks for some of the body parts we have had to reproduce. More...

Making an Airplane Wing Tip, TM Shop – Nevada City, CA

Our 3000 model, the “Curved Frame” Air Power Hammer, was used to make these wingtips (in 4 four sections). The first step was to stretch the surface so that the blank would fit the mock-up More...

Repairing a Damaged Wing Root Fairing, Salinas, CA

This original wing root fairing was damaged, so the lower half was cut away and a new piece made and fit to it. The whole fairing was then fit to the airplane, sanded and then polished. More...

Miscellaneous Jobs

Miscellaneous jobs done with the TM Tech Air Power Hammer. More...

Stearman Airplane Spinner Repair, TM Shop – Nevada City, CA

This Stearman airplane spinner was sent in for repairs after being badly dented. Alloy is 6061 T-6 aluminum, .063” thickness. More...

Making Nacelle Lip Skins for the Hawker-Beech XP400, Uvalde, TX

Kent was hired by Sierra Industries in 2011 to make a set of 6 prototype Nacelle lip skins for the Hawker Beech XP 400, a new business jet. More...

U-2 Forward Fuselage Skins, Palmdale, CA

In 2013 Kent undertook a contract with Lockheed-Martin Skunk Works, Palmdale to make a set of forward fuselage skins for a U-2, which is being upgraded. The tooling is machined foam. More...

Articles by others using TM Air Power Hammers

Cowling for a Ryan S-CW

Ron Englund, crew chief on the Hughes H1 replica, makes a polished cowling for a Ryan S-CW, using the Air Power Hammer. More...

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