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Workshop FAQs

Are the classes the same on all days?
Class is very different each day. Each day is a stand-alone intensive in one discipline, whether stretching, shrinking, gas welding, air hammer, wheel, planishing and finishing, or making parts.

Is there a standard curriculum?
Yes and no. Although each day covers the specific topics mentioned above, each program is customized to the skill level of the participants and their interests. Because the class size is small, flexibility and personal attention is the rule. Training is based on the needs and skills of the class.

How large are the classes?
Classes are held to a maximum of 10 participants (rare), but class sizes of 5-8 are common.

I'm just a beginner. How much experience do I need?
Basic metalworking skills are useful, but a sincere interest and desire to learn are far more important than skill level. Beginners are welcome, and we get them often.

I know Kent's background is in automotive and aviation restoration, but I'm doing motorcycles (sculpture etc.). Will his workshops have what I need?
Kent also has experience with sculpture, art metal, vintage & classic motorcycles, furniture design and construction, and musical instrument repair. He makes sure that the techniques you will learn will be applicable to almost any metalworking project. The tools and methods can be broadly applied.

What type of supplies, if any, are required?
If you have a favorite set of hand tools - ie. a hammer (or two), mallet, slapper, dolly, file, snips - we encourage you to bring them, but your own tools are not required.

Are tools available for sale during the classes?
Yes, we have a complete stock.

What materials do you provide with the workshops?
Kent has filmed and edited 3 special videos just for students to prepare themselves for our workshops. These are not available for sale. Additionally, we compiled a printed pamphlet to prepare you with the concepts necessary for the Intensives. We also provide you with essential books and other printed materials that are discussed during the Intensives and which you keep for your personal reference.

Can I bring my own project to work on?
YES! Projects are popular and can be a wonderful teaching aid. You are encouraged to bring a project of interest to you to be worked on during the course, and any burning metal working questions that you'd like to have answered.

Can I receive course credit for your workshops?
Our workshops receive FAA IA Course Credit as Refresher Training Course.

What is the best method to register for the classes?
Email is best. By phone (530) 292-3506 or fax (530) 292-3533.

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