Silver Brazing Rod - Flux Coated

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Silver Brazing Rod - Flux Coated

For Carbon Steel, Stainless, Brass and Copper (2 Sticks)

Silver Brazing Rod - 2 Sticks

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Silver brazing rod (aka hard silver solder, high-temp silver solder, silver-bearing brazing rod, high-strength brazing rod)

NOTE:   I have used this material since 1972 to repair brass lamps, stainless, copper, and steel and brass parts for chrome and nickel plating. It will join steel, stainless, copper, brass, silver, gold, and German silver to themselves and to each other. I have, ahem, used it with the TIG to repair very severe rust pits on a set of five Chrysler Imperial wire wheels for Glenn Campbell. Used 6 lbs. on that job. Boy, was the boss surprised at the materials bill! BUT not one pit remained.

The Tin Man has a nice reputation for high-end brass lamp restorations for both boats and autos, and this is one of the secret weapons. Will not color-match brass perfectly, but very close when highly polished. Has a silvery luster.

TECHNIQUE:   Clean and stainless wire brush or sand surfaces bright. Set a SOFT flame, i.e. quiet, low pressure, with a "feather" of acetylene or fuel 2-3X inner cone length. Warm both parts and dab fluxed rod against surface until the flux runs off onto the surface. Then look for the surface to brighten as the flux cleans and "tins" the surface.

At this point, it will run like water. OVERHEATING will cause the silver to fizz, ball up, go porous, not wet to the surface. ALSO, if the surface turns dark and oxidizes, the silver will stop flowing. IF the surface actually glows with heat, you are history and must chill and re-brush and sand back to bright. Thin stainless multi-strand cables may be done, but use a small tip and BE CAREFUL not to over heat. I silver the ends of the cables only to keep them from ratting, and never silver them to splice them.

One application of mine for the past thirty years has been to make "special" brass fittings for gasoline, water, propane, compressed air, diesel, etc., out of bits and pieces lying about. A band saw and torch can give professional, durable results with an excellent product. I have made hundreds of fittings on short notice.

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