Aero Solder Flux-Core Rod

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Aero Solder Flux-Core Rod

For Aluminum Alloys

Aero Solder Flux-Core Rod ¼ lb. bundle

ABS-0063 $35.00

We have a new Flux-cored Aero Solder for Aluminum alloys. No additional flux needed! Joins 1100, 3003, 3005, 2024, 2017, 6063, and 6061 very well, but please avoid 5005 and 5052 because the flux is not corrosive enough to join 5000 series aluminum alloys. The flux inside this rod is non-corrosive so no cleanup is required – unless you wish to prime or paint the surface.

This product melts at 780F, and makes smooth clean joints – IF the base metal is thoroughly washed with isopropyl alcohol and then scrubbed bright with a stainless steel toothbrush immediately before soldering. Be sure to clean and scrub the solder rods also, before using. May be applied with butane torch, propane torch, or any oxy-fuel torch.

¼ lb. bundle of rods contains 17 sticks that are 20 inches long, so you get 340 linear inches of ready-to-use flux-cored solder for aluminum alloys for this very low price.

Excellent for making repairs to aluminum radiators, some aluminum tanks, and aluminum heat exchangers. Solder flows to the backside of difficult-to-reach tubes, making nice fillets on the underside or backside. In Kent’s long years of joining aluminum, he says that this is an excellent and reliable product.

Flux core aluminum solder rod bundle

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