Silver Soft Solder & Flux Kit

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Silver Soft Solder & Flux Kit

For stainless and carbon steels; as well as copper, brass and bronze

Silver Solder & Flux Kit

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ABS-0065 $85.00

Silver Soft Solder & Flux Kit is a low temperature, high strength solder for stainless and carbon steels; as well as copper, brass and bronze. It is lead and cadmium free. It is excellent for use on food handling equipment. Approved by "Pure Food Laws" for dairies, bakeries, restaurants, etc. Silver Soft Solder and Flux Kit is superior to all other solders for general maintenance and repair. Biodegradable Soft Solder Flux. Acid type liquid soldering flux.
Temperature range from 300°F to 700°F.

  • Tin 96.5%
  • Silver 3.5%
  • Tensile Strength Up to 15,000 PSI
  • Solidus 425°F
  • Liquidus 425°F
  • Corrosion Resistance Very Good
  • Color Stays bright & shiny

  • 5.2 oz of Liquid flux
Instructions: Clean joint area. Use any heat source that will produce 425°F in base metal. If torch is used, heat indirectly to avoid burning flux. Hold solder to joint until it flows out. Allow to cool slowly. Remove flux residue with hot water.
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