Aircraft Structural Tubing Video Set

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Aircraft Structural Tubing Video Set

Aircraft Structural Tubing DVD Set

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DVD Set Includes:
-4130 Chromemoly Airframe Construction (2 DVD set)
-Repairing Structural Tubing

Description of the 4130 DVD: Three EAA Technical Counselors (over 60 years' total experience) show you the procedures necessary to construct a complete airframe from plans.

Table jig construction, measuring, cutting, fitting, bending, tacking, and gas welding are shown in detail, along with the countless do's and don'ts which are usually only discovered by not only building many aircraft for oneself, but also helping others to do the same.

Small, medium, and large parts are shown and demonstrated in detail. See the reconstruction efforts on a wrecked Stinson Gullwing, and the methods used to insure its value.

What are the most-asked questions at Oshkosh Welding Workshops? Controversy of TIG vs. MIG vs. torch. Do gas welds really hold up in a hard crash? Preheating and postheating. Filler rod? Distortion? You will learn the traditional standards, the history, and what is appropriate for building and repairing aircraft 4130. This is a very detailed "workshop" program. NOTE: As you will find in other TM Technologies' instructional DVDs, all important welding sequences are filmed both up-close and through the special Welding Lens for very clear instruction of the welding method.

4.25 hrs. Two-DVD set. Digitally filmed, edited and mastered.

Description of the Repairing Structural Tubing DVD: This class teaches measuring, geometry, straightening, cutting fishmouths, fitting, splicing, and welding to repair some fuselage damage. A fine companion to our full-length 2-DVD series, 4130 Chromemoly Airframe Construction.

Note: You may purchase this video as part of the 3-DVD set, Aircraft Structural Tubing Video Set (3 DVDs). This set includes the 2-DVD series, 4130 Chromemoly Airframe Construction.

Please note: This 16 mm film is timeless in its information and methodology. The content offered is such a smooth and clean method of instruction that we didn't want to replace them with our own efforts, so we had the film cleaned and restored at a preservation house, and then digitally re-mastered. We hope you enjoy and benefit from the information on this film as much as we did.
4130 Chromemoly Airframe Construction DVD

Fuselage construction is described as an assembly of parts
Small Parts
Small parts are shown first.
Complex Parts
More complex parts are then introduced.
Cutting Tubing
There are several ways to cut tubing.
Setting Torch
Proper adjustment of the torch is detailed. (See also Setting Your Torch)
Flame Adjuxtment
Correct flame adjustment is seen in the results.
Tacking small parts.
Meco Torch
Use an appropriate torch (Meco Midget Torch shown).
Good welds look like this.
Tubing clusters are a little more complex.
Tacking is shown clearly through the welding lens.
Split screen allows precise views.
Tubing clusters are detailed step by step.
Small jigs are simple and make accurate parts.
Larger jigs also follow the plans.
Smoke the jig
Time to smoke the jig.
Table Jigs
Large table jigs detail considerable information and make repeatable large parts.
The Stinson Gullwing used heat treated truss assemblies throughout.
The wrecked tail of this SR7 Gullwing was replaced with a new part using methods shown on this video.
Production work in the small workshop involves all the neighbors!

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