Complete Piper J-3 Cub Training Series DVD

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Complete Piper J-3 Cub Training Series DVD

Color, 120 minutes.

Complete Piper J3 Training Series

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Four separate films have been combined into one very educational 110-minute DVD. See how the Piper factory originally built the J-3 in 1937, and then watch how they do a preflight inspection, and annual inspections on airframe and engine! Can you imagine watching the actual construction of a J-3 in the Piper factory in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania? See the step-by-step construction of fuselage, wing, and gear. See fabric covering, control installation, rib forming, and engine installation and runup. Inspiring!!! Remember that many of the tube-and-fabric aircraft can benefit from this valuable information.

Please note: This 16 mm film is timeless in its information and methodology. The content offered is such a smooth and clean method of instruction that we didn't want to replace them with our own efforts, so we had the film cleaned and restored at a preservation house, and then digitally re-mastered. We hope you enjoy and benefit from the information on this film as much as we did.
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