Fender Arches DVD

Fender Arches

Color, 73 minutes.

Fender Arches

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This is a fly-on-the-wall style effort for those who want to watch a complete metal working process. Be the fly-on-the-wall as two metal guys, Richard Ufheil and Kent White, “The Tin Man”, go after a pair of 1935 Packard front fenders needing fender (or wheel) arch replacement.

Images from this video are shown below

Patterning Patterning the Packard fender arch in order to make an accurate replacement panel.

PullmaxForming the bead with the Pullmax.

Welding Welding in the panel.

TackingDescribing tacking and fitting.

Planishing HammerUsing a hand-held planishing hammer to smooth the weld.

Flow FormingFlow forming the return (hollow rolled edge) on the Packard fender arch.
Reviewed by author and craftsman Guy Lautard Excerpt:
``For someone who aspires to learn more about forming sheet metal into smooth curves and beautiful shapes, I think there is more than $40 worth of info here - it's just another way to increase your knowledge of what it is you want to get better at. It is unlikely you could get a master tradesman to come to your own shop, and teach you as much as you can learn from this tape, even for 5 or 10 times as much money. ``A friend of mine who does auto body restoration work watched the tape. Within a week, he called to tell me he had used some of the stuff he learned on the tape in making a new set of dies for their Pullmax-type forming machine, using some of the tricks Kent explained to Richard Ufheil on the tape. When tried, the new die worked better than any others they had. - More -"

Fender Arches Video, as reviewed by Craftsman Ron Covell:
Copyright 1999
``Kent White has a new two-hour video out on making fender arches. Kent is one of the leading metalworkers on the West Coast, and was one of the very first individuals to make instructional videotapes on metalworking. This video is his eleventh! 
The video starts with Richard Ufheil, a metal man with 30 years of experience, bringing a difficult job to Kent White for some assistance. Richard is repairing two front fenders for a 1935 Packard, and the beads around the edge are in very poor condition. Most metalworkers would probably deal with this fender by putting lots of patches in it, but Richard and Kent agree that replacing the entire edge is a better approach, especially since there are lots of areas with thin metal where previous repairs were made. Richard tried shaping some new fender edges on his own, but ran into lots of problems with the job, which prompted his asking Kent White for assistance. - More -

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