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Lower Rolls

Having round parts made to within .0005" tolerance (no lumps with half a thou. tolerance) and then making the bearing bores concentric to that outside surface is very important. Also important is having the bearing bores the right size, so the bearings fit properly (NOT so tight that they sound as though they have grit in them!). The bearing bores have to be round and not tapered. All of this sounds silly, but you would be surprised to learn what Kent knows about "Wheel details."

Having hardened parts is important, as the rolls "spank" the wheel every so often, when the panel is withdrawn under pressure. This spanking dings unhardened tooling, and all of your parts from then on will have marks in them - unless you re-machine your tooling.

TM Technologies has a well-known roll maker produce roll blanks for us. We then fit the bearings and axles and finish the rolls to our high standards. The 2.5 inch rolls are for our Benchtop Model while the larger 3.5 inch rolls are for the floor model machines.

2.5 inch x 2.5 inch Roll Set

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SMS-5015 $1485.00

3.5 inch x 3.5 inch Roll Set

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SMS-5035 $2100.00

English Wheel Upper Wheel

Upper wheels are usually the same width as the lower rolls, but are 3 to 4 times their diameter. When the upper wheel rotates, its mass enables both a flywheel and gear-ratio effect, making things much easier when you are confronted with bumpy or large sheets. Our upper wheels are precision-ground and made to the highest standards of concentricity, ensuring you a beautiful fi nish. Most wheels today (including ours) use a flat-faced upper wheel (although you may on rare occasion, come across an upper wheel that has slightly tapered edges). Our Benchtop Model uses a 9-inch diameter wheel, while the larger Floor Model machines use a 12-inch upper wheel. These are professional-grade wheels for doing highest quality work. Manufactured in the U.S. by TM Technologies.

9 inch - Upper Wheel

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SMS-5009 $495.00