Power Hammers

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TM Air Power Hammers

Many people instinctively refer to all Air Hammers as “planishing” hammers, while neglecting the forming and shaping operations which must precede the planishing! Our Air Hammers are capable shaping 12- and 14-gauge mild steel this machine is by definition a “POWER HAMMER” (that also has the ability to “planish” beautifully). Our first model, the “Little Powerhouse Air Hammer” (today called the “Straight-Post Air Hammer”) has been in daily use in our shop since 1984.- More Info -

“Build-Your-Own” – TM Air Power Hammer

For the budget-conscious customer, or the person who has the time or inclination, TM Tech has everything you need to build your own your own machine. We offer the blueprints, dies, air motors, air system, and other tooling you’ll need. You supply your own frame fabricated from our drawings, and the labor to put the machine together. - More Info -

Baileigh Electric Power Hammer

This unique machine has the ability to transform itself from a rigid Pullmax-style machine, to a spring-slapping style similar to a Yoder. Like a Yoder, it uses a leaf-spring setup to “throw the die” causing a dead-blow hammering effect. This mode would be used for aggressive shrinking and planishing. By disconnecting the leaf-spring, the top lever is made into a “rigid link” allowing the machine to function similar to a Pullmax. In this mode there is no “give” between the die heads. This mode is generally used for short-stroke shaping and flanging. - More Info -