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Air Motor Holster

Our Motor Holster conveniently stores your air motors and protects them from getting damaged rolling around in a box or drawer. The Holster bolts onto either the top or side of your machine and keeps your motors handy for quick motor changes. Each Holster holds up to four motors and includes mounting bolts and bracket.

Air Motor Holster - for Tube Frame Air Hammers

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SMS-2800-T $53.

Heavy Duty Foot Switch


Heavy Duty Foot Switch

Pneumatic foot switch regulates air flow in a gradual manner, from zero psi to max pressures of 90psi to 125psi. ¼ NPT female pipe threads in two locations allow for inlet and outlet air flows. Air muffler (port 3) keeps exhaust noise to a minimum. Easy to move on the floor using one foot. Has rubber pads for soft floor contact.

Kent has used these for many years and sees them giving very good service life, over hundreds of hours on his Air Hammers. Has a heavy steel hood that is also available by request, but we do not use them because our work boots get stuck inside.

Tech info:
Number of Ports: 3 ports
Valve Function: Normally open
Approx Size (in) HxWxD: 4.59 x 5.25 x 7.41
Media: Air, Inert Gas
Type of Operation: Foot
Flow Capacity (Cv): 0.83
Port Size: 1/4 NPSF
Pressure Range (psi): 0-125

Heavy Duty Foot Switch

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SMS-0133HD $136.86

Air Tool Oil

Like all motors, oil is the key to a long life. You should add oil to your motor for everyhour (or less) of use. Skipping this step  can cause serious, sometimes fatal damage to a motor. We highly recommend the Filter-Regulator-Lubricator for maintaining  proper, sustained motor oiling.

Air Tool Oil - 4 oz.

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TPC-0004 $7.50

Air Tool Oil - Quart

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TPC-0032 $30.00

Air Tool Oil - Gallon

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TPC-0128 $75.00

.401 to .498 size Shank Adapter

A .401 to .498 Shank Adapter is required for use with dies .401 shank dies.

.401 to .498 size Shank Adapter

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SMS-0284 $23.75

Wooden Die Blocks

Our Die Blocks are hand-crafted from beautiful walnut or mahogany (depending on material available). They will protect your dies from being damaged and make for easy access when looking for a specific die. Standard Block holds 27 dies. The Oversized Block holds 8 large/oversized dies.

Standard Die Block

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SMS-0300 $250.

Air Hammer Stand

Our welded-steel stand accommodates our 1000, 2000, and 3000 Benchtop hammer models. Please note your hammer model when ordering as there are slight variations. Dimensions: 30˝ x 29.5˝ x 21.5˝

Air Hammer Stand (1000 & 2000 models)

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SMS-2828-T $349.

Air Hammer Stand (3000 model)

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SMS-2828-C $379.

TM Tech Shop Apron

This apron style (lots of pockets!) has been a favorite of Kent’s for decades. Made from exceptionally durable heavy-duty canvas, this handy design features multiple double-stitched tool pockets with riveted reinforcements, hand-aged brass grommets with leather washers, and adjustable herringbone weave khaki-colored cotton straps. Guaranteed to last! Color: Dark denim. One size fits most.

Shop Apron 29˝ Length.

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TMT-1001 $90.

DM Hybrid<sup>®</sup>  Anti-Vibration Gloves

DM Hybrid® Anti-Vibration Gloves

Dangers on mining and excavation sites range from falling rock and debris to heavy machinery hazards, which led to the development of the unrivaled DM Hybrid®. - More Info -

DM Hybrid Anti-Vibration Gloves - Size: M

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SPS-0200-M $58.00

DM Hybrid Anti-Vibration Gloves - Size: L

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SPS-0200-L $58.00

DM Hybrid Anti-Vibration Gloves - Size: XL

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SPS-0200-XL $58.00