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Polymer Planishing Set

This 3-piece set contains low, medium, and high crowned dies for smoothing soft metals without stretching. The special black polymer enables the large or small Upper Hammers to planish .050 3003 (for example) to a beautiful, fine finish. Die is 1-5/8″ diameter.

Polymer Planishing Set

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Large Upper Planisher (.401″)

This die is a long-time favorite with both Kent and customers. The oversized polished face gives an exceptionally beautiful, smooth finish to panels and parts. Please note: This die has a .401″ shank. It can be used in the #1 motor (or #0 motor with a Shank Adapter), or in .401″ rivet guns. Do not use this die in air motors #2-6 as it can be easily broken if too much force is applied. Steel, 2-1/4″ diam.

.401˝ Large Upper Planisher

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SMS-0164 $145.

Small Upper Planishers (.401″ and .498″)

Use these small planishing heads for planishing tasks requiring you to get into tight, small spaces. They can also be used in rivet guns and are also great for art metal work. Note: The 1.25″ Planisher fits our #0 motor. The 1″ Planisher fits the #1 motor but can also be used with the #0 motor if a Shank Adapter is added . Do not use these dies in air motors #2-6.

Small Upper Planisher 1.25" (.498" shank)

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SMS-0165 $105.

Small Upper Planisher 1" (.401" shank)

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Wobble Dies (.401″)

When planishing sheet metal shapes it is sometimes difficult to hold the panel in correct alignment with the dies. This can lead to hammer marks, bumps, frustration, and excessive time spent trying to overcome this problem.

Because these dies “wobble” they level themselves against the metal even when the part is held 10-degrees out of plane. This eliminates the need to hold your part perfectly to get a mark-free finish, and allows some freedom when holding the metal (even one-handed planishing is possible!). This is a huge boon for those planishing large panels or parts that will be bare or polished. Customers using our new Wobble Dies rave about their ability to planish significantly faster and more easily, with a finish nearly as smooth as the English Wheel.

Wobble Die components can be used together or separately in conjunction with other hammer dies. The Upper and Lower Wobble Dies can be used together as a set, or the Upper may be used with any other lower die, and the Lower may be used with any flat upper planishing-style die (the Lower Wobble Die requires the Perch Die to work correctly). Please note: The Upper Wobble Die has a .401″ shank and is meant to be used with our #0 or #1 motors only (the #0 motor requires a Shank Adapter).

Upper Wobble Die (.401 Shank)

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Wobble Low-Crown Die

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Wobble Perch Die

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Complete Wobble Die Set

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SMS-0169 $285.00

Polymer Lower Wobble Die - Flat Crown

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SMS-0183-F $64.00

Polymer Lower Wobble Die - Medium Crown

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SMS-0183-M $64.00

Light Metal Lower Wobble Die - Flat Crown

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SMS-0184-F $82.00

Light Metal Lower Wobble Die - Medium Crown

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