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3-Piece Set - Soft Metals

Use for shrinking soft metals such as copper, 1100, 3003, ½-hard aluminum, etc. up to .070″ with our medium air motor, up to .095″ with heavy air motor, and up to .125″ with very heavy air motor. - More Info -

3-Piece Shrinking Set - Soft Metals

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SMS-0141 $253.00

3-Piece Set - Hard Metals

For shrinking harder metals, such as cold-rolled steel, 5052 ½-hard, 6061 T3, and soft stainless. Up to .040″ with medium air motor, .050 with heavy motor, and .063 with very heavy motor. Note: These ratings are not absolute, but are based on true results with the Benchtop model, and using Kent's skill. Your results may vary, depending on air pressure, type of metal, and skill level. - More Info -

3-Piece Shrinking Set - Hard Metals

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SMS-0140 $317.00