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Benchtop English Wheel

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Benchtop English Wheel

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Compact, space saving, 25.5" throat depth will shape a 51" panel (over 4 feet wide). The Stout 4x6 tube frame can be further stiffened with 3/8" stiffener plate if needed. Precision ground upper and lower wheels produce smooth parts. Full Relief 9" Upper Wheel is easy on the muscles, quick and sure on the metal. The narrow 2.5 inch rolls will work those small detailed parts that bigger machines can't handle, and will do a much finer job, faster than by hand. Hand wheel has smooth, fully-bushed and supported flywheel action for rapid down drop and lift up. Lift jack is precision ground and hardened. The acme thread with fitted bronze nut provides the finest turning action on the hand wheel while providing the best long term durability. No Quick Release to wear out or provide slop. The aluminum pointer mounted above the hand wheel assures accurate reset. Proven, Durable Design will give value for years to come.
The Little Powerhouse Wheeling Machine being used at the B.F. Goodrich Repair Facility in Fairhope, Alabama. More photos

english wheel bench top model intro

sheet metal shrinking stretching with the HDAS4

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