Heavy Duty Air Shrinker/Stretcher

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Heavy Duty Air Shrinker/Stretcher

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HDAS4 Heavy Duty Air Shrinker/Stretcher

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The HDAS-4 Air-Operated Sheet Metal Shrinking/Stretching Machine was developed for the use of fabricating and repairing all types of sheet metal, and some extruded aluminum sections. The machine works by either shortening or lengthening the metal to the desired shape, contour, or fit.

The HDAS-4 has a heavy cast iron C-frame with a 12” throat and is mounted on a welded steel stand. Throat depth is measured from the tooling center-line to the rear of the throat. The machine comes with one set of jaws (either shrinking or stretching), and can be fit with many different sets of mechanical jaws for working channel or odd sections.

The machine’s power is derived from an air cylinder which operates through a toggle linkage and a simple lever. Power is thus transmitted from the air cylinder to the upper jaw which moves up and down at the front of the machine. The lower jaw is obviously stationary.

The machine is provided with a foot-operated switch, and also a cut-out button, which is mounted at the front of the machine stand, below the frame, on the right hand side. Pressing the pedal quickly one time makes the machine cycle completely one time. The machine automatically completes one cycle and then stops at the top of the stroke, leaving the jaws in the open position. By stepping and holding the pedal down the machine will give repeating cycles until the pedal is lifted, and it will again return to the top of the stroke.

A hand screw is provided at the upper jaw, either to adjust the pressure of the stroke, or to adjust for different metal thicknesses. .120” mild steel is the limit for this machine, using the 90 psi allowable maximum air pressure. Exceeding the maximum 90 psi air pressure will damage the machine and void all and any warranties

This machine may be converted to a stretching machine by replacing the shrinking jaws with stretching jaws. Neither special skill nor special tooling is required in making this change. Simply pull the upper and lower “U” pins and nudge the jaw assemblies up and out of their grooves. Attention should be given to how the jaws are positioned in the machine with regards to each other. Even though the jaws may be installed with their fronts facing either way, usually the best results are obtained by installing them with the locking pins facing out, so that the shorter jaw is opposite the longer jaw.

The HDAS-4 Features
• 90 PSI shop air
• 12-inch throat
• Easy jaw change from stretch to shrink
• Will shrink or stretch .100 mild steel.
• Two switch settings allow for either a single stroke with each press on the foot pedal (shown), or a constant cycling at 50 strokes per minute just by flipping a switch.
• Top screw adjusts pressure of jaws by closing the gap between them.
• Comfortable working height.
• Machine comes standard with foot control and stand. Jaws sold separately.

See Jaws for this Machine

There are four main controls/adjustments for this machine.
1) Hand screw on top of the machine adjusts either the pressure or the thickness of the metal.
2) Foot pedal controls your choice of either one single stroke or continuous automatic operation.
3) Speed control at the side of the machine is for adjusting the speed of the automatic stroke.
4) Air pressure regulator at rear of machine will fine-tune your pressure adjustment. Can be necessary for thin soft metals.

Check the machine visually for any damage that may have occurred in shipment and promptly report any damage.

Connect the air supply hose to the elbow provided at the master valve, at the rear of the machine. A Filter-Lubricator should be installed in the air line as close to the machine as practical. Turn air switch “on” at the side of the machine. Depress the foot pedal, but only with a piece of scrap metal placed in position within the jaws. NEVER operate the machine without a piece of metal between the jaws. The machine will automatically cycle until the foot pedal is released. When the foot pedal is released the machine will stop at the top of the cycle with the jaws in the open position.

Successful shrinking or stretching with this machine requires attention to the following items:
• The thickness adjustment of the machine must be set properly.
• The rate of feed of the work piece should be “paced” evenly through the jaws.
• The depth of the “bite” should be appropriate for the shape, and is dependent on the mechanical advantage needed for the task.

If the pressure is set too tight the metal can either tear or bunch up too fast, or the machine will stall. For shrinking thick sections, you should start by taking half a “bite” along the edge and then moving more deeply into the “bite” on the next pass. Remember that the machine relies on mechanical advantage, and going deeply into a thick or hard panel too fast may not allow the machine enough purchase or “grab.”

The thickness/pressure adjustment is controlled by the hand screw on the upper jaw of the machine. The stroke speed is adjusted on the right side of the machine by a ball valve that controls the exhaust. Jaw pressure is not affected when slowing down or speeding up the machine. The controls and techniques used for shrinking also apply when the machine is used for stretching.

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sheet metal shrinking stretching with the HDAS4

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