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Cleco Side Grips


1" Throat - Copper

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ZTC-KSG-1210 $4.50

1/2" Throat - Copper

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ZTC-KSG-1212 $2.95

1" Throat - Brass

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ZTC-KSG-3410 $3.30

1/2" Throat - Brass

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ZTC-KSG-3412 $3.30

These Edge/Side Grips are plier operated using the same pliers you would use for standard spring loaded Clecos. These are great for clamping material where no holes are provided. Ideal for bonding & gluing; can be used for mild clamping while welding. Springs are made of spring steel that will lose their “spring” if heated. Available with two different throat depths for short or extended reach. 100% MADE IN USA

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