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14-inch Flexible Vixen Style Body File

Vixen (Curved Tooth) files are considered the most efficient files ever designed for autobody repair and fabrication because each tooth has extremely sharp edges, resulting in faster cutting. They are ideal for steel and aluminum bodies, as well as for copper and brass. Use them for any type of sheet metal work requiring a particularly smooth and scratch-free finish, including autobody and aircraft. In the hands of the professional user, these body files provide exceptional stock removal rates and unsurpassed surface quality. The unique feature of these files (not available on most body files) is their convex cross section. The cutting area is not flat, but higher in the middle than on the beveled edges. This tiny (1/64") height difference keeps the edges of the file from coming into contact with the workpiece, thus preventing gouges, which means the filed surface can be painted with only minimal intermediate finishing. These files are available in fi ve cuts, ranging from special coarse to fine (see chart). Both faces of each blade have the same cut. These files are drilled and countersunk for attaching to file holders. 14" bent length.

14-inch Vixen Flat Body File 7 T - Special 00

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SMF-1407 $50.71

14-inch Vixen Flat Body File 8 T - Extra Coarse 0

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SMF-1408 $50.71

14-inch Vixen Flat Body File 9 T - Coarse 1

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SMF-1409 $50.71

14-inch Vixen Flat Body File 10 T - Medium 2

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SMF-1410 $50.71

14-inch Vixen Flat Body File 12 T - Fine 3

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SMF-1412 $50.71

14-inch Vixen Flat Body File 20 T - Fine 5

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SMF-1420 $50.71

14-inch Bent Body File

Body files are widely used in auto assembly plants for metal finishing repairs. The thin metals and aluminum used for auto bodies are easily dented and damaged. Before painting, all dents and scratches need to be removed, and body files best perform this task. The type of repair will determine if a fine or coarse cut file is needed, and whether a bent or a flat file would be more effective. Use flat body files for highlighting and repairing low areas, and bent body files on flat or near-flat panel surfaces. The Double-Cut Bent file with the “Blended Round” edge is a very unique file that is favored by auto body finishers as its rounded edges cause fewer gouges and scratches.

14" Bent Body File - Bastard Cut with rounded edge (15 TPI)

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SMF-4754 $45.26

14" Bent Body File - Smooth Cut with Rounded Edge (18 TPI)

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SMF-4757 $45.26