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Flow Forming Inserts

Color Coded

#1 Cream Insert

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HTS-0235-1C $17.00

#2 Orange Insert

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HTS-0235-2O $17.00

#3 Red Insert

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HTS-0235-3R $17.00

#4 Blue Insert

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HTS-0235-4B $17.00

#5 Black Insert

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HTS-0235-5BL $27.00

#6 Light Metal Insert

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HTS-0235-6M $50.25

Customizable Insert

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HTS-0236 $29.00

We currently offer six different inserts for our Flow-Forming system. All easily change out of our tools and vary in hardness for working different metal alloys and thicknesses. (#1 is the softest, up to the #6, the hardest).  Kent uses the light metal and hard black inserts for steel and the others for aluminum and copper. He also uses these tools for bead-forming, louvers, doming and dishing, and even makes offsets, hems, and artwork.

The inserts are color-coded making it easier to swap out your insert for the next softer or harder insert depending on your need.  Our softest insert is the lightest color (#1 cream) and our black (#5) insert the hardest -- with the metal (#6) insert being the hardest of the set.

Click to Enlarge Insert # Recommended metal thicknesses for each insert
Cream flow forming insert #1  Cream.016, .025, .032 soft & half-hard aluminum, copper
Orange flow forming insert #2  Orange.032, .040 soft & half-hard aluminum, copper
Red flow forming insert #3  Red.040, .050 soft & half-hard aluminum, copper
Blue flow forming insert #4  Blue.050, .063 soft & half-hard aluminum, copper
Black flow forming insert #5  Black*.063 –.070 soft & half-hard aluminum, .050 copper, .040 mild steel  
Metal flow forming insert #6  Metal.040 mild steel, .032 stainless

* Replaces the earlier hard white nylon insert


These bulkheads were formed using form blocks and 2024 T-0 .040.


Here is the layout.


Here is the process, step by step. Timesavings is huge, quality is nice.

process 2
process 3

Flutes can be included easily, as the tool will allow nice details. You can stretch nicely...or shrink.


And the surface finish? No marks to clean up.

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Flow Forming Part 1 - Metalworking Tips from TM Tech

"A while back I bought Kent's "flow forming tool".  Basically hard plastic that can be set into a air hammer tool.  These are neat! I've mentioned before my rotator cuffs are shot, so I have a harder time with a hammer these days.  So I love this tool.  Ya, I still need to buy/build a shrinker/stretcher tool to get something done."
– Thomas Walter, posting on Bearhawk Yahoo Groups

"Kent, I ordered a white insert from you. It works perfectly (the orange one we had in it was too soft). We form window openings in our teardrop custom camper trailers in .040 5052 Al. By doing it by hand with a plastic faced mallet it took two hours, now it takes 1/2 hour! Plus, we were able to leave the plastic film we get on the material to protect the surface while we are hammering, leaving a better finish. I am atttaching a picture to show you a formed window opening. To see what one of these looks like done go check out our website www.tinycamper.com. Thank you very much."
– Cary Winch

TM Technologies takes pride in knowing we offer the best products on the market for metal working. In an effort to continue this tradition we are constantly improving our products and our product line. If you have any comments or suggestions about this, or any of our other products, we want to hear from you.

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