Lead Shot

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Lead Shot

Available in Two Sizes

Coarse #8 Lead Shot - Per Pound

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HTS-0364-C $3.50

Ultra Fine Lead Shot - Per Pound

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HTS-0364-F $12.00

Here is the right shot for the medium and small double-wall shot bags. Not sand, shot. You need the mass the shot provides to get the job done. Sand will not work in the medium bags. Use the #8 shot for the medium bag only. Don't use the small shot in the larger bags because it will leak out as those bags are not designed for it.

Use the special small shot for the small double-wall bag ("soft dolly"). Don't use the large #8 shot in the small bag because the bumps and lumps will make the bag ineffective. The small bag was designed for the small dense shot.

Please note it takes 18 lbs. to fill our medium leather bag and 2 lbs. of Ultra Fine Shot to fill our small canvas bags
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