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Leather Forming Bag

Plastic Non-Marking

Medium Forming Ba

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Large Forming Bag

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The large and medium bags are constructed from high quality 4 -- 4.5 oz rawhide. All Forming Bags of any size from TM Technologies feature double-sewn seams to prevent leakage and have their filler holes plugged with a reusable rivet when you either want to change filling materials or just to add more. (Limp flabby bags are not helpful - fill them firm!) The traditional square shape is easy to hang on to, gives greatest support, and provides more contours for shaping than do the round bags. The old timers mostly used square bags because when they are made right you have one edge that is folded -- NO SEAM. You will learn how to thrash a seam loose soon enough and then you will want a square bag with one folded side. All leather forming bags come empty–you have to add your own filling or buy it Here

Large Bag
Size: 12" x 12" Leather
Suggested Filling: Sand 20/30 mix or mortar quality (bag comes without filling)
Uses: All types of general shaping. If you have a forming stump, it's THE most solid platform for holding this large bag. Kent also uses this bag to brace large parts and assemblies while working on them. You can fill with shot, but you won't have to. Or you'll need a crane to move it.

Medium Bag
Size: 8" x 8" Leather
Suggested Filling: Shot: #8 - #7.5 (bag comes without filling) Not recommend to be filled with sand - too light.
Uses: Forming, anchoring parts, and noise absorption. It DOES make a difference to hold a part in place with one or two of these.

Note : Either lead or steel shot may be used. Kent prefers lead, however, because it doesn't rust away in humid climates.
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"Bag is very nicely made.  I found #8 lead shot at the local Industrial Metal Supply for $3.58/lb.  It took about 16 pounds to fill the bag to ‘plump’.  While you're buying your lead shot, buy a small funnel with a nozzle O.D. between 3/16" and 1/4".  The funnel is used to pour the shot into the bag through a small hole capped by the shiny screw you see in the product picture.  I noticed that lead from the shot was easily wiping off onto surfaces that it came into contact with.  I took precautions to keep this lead from contaminating the outside of the forming bag and from the rest of my life.  You should too." – D.P.

TM Technologies takes pride in knowing we offer the best products on the market for metal working. In an effort to continue this tradition we are constantly improving our products and our product line. If you have any comments or suggestions, about this, or any of our other products we want to hear from you.

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