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Large Button Heads


Round Button Head - Flat

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HTS-0107 $195.00

Round Button Head - Medium Crown

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HTS-0108 $225.00

Round Button Head - High Crown

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HTS-0109 $225.00

Flat Square Button Head

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HTS-0107-S $195.00

We offer these three large 5.5" dia. steel button heads for forming and planishing.

Use the flat one for turning curved edges over, or for doing hand hammering to crown up a skin, or to planish a weld.

Use the medium-crowned one for planishing domes or to do hand shrinking.

Use the high-crown for planishing high crowns and for hand shrinking deeper shapes.

Made of machined mild steel and welded to a machined steel post, they may be case-hardened for better wear.

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