Leather Faced Oak Slappers

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Leather Faced Oak Slappers

Available in two Sizes

Standard Oak Slapper

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HTS-0094 $45.00

Large Oak Slapper

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HTS-0093 $55.00

Solid oak slappers with leather covered faces. Available in two sizes. Great for working metal over a T-stake or for bouging and planishing. This design offers good leverage and control, allowing you to make radius bends and crowns almost as well as a machine does. Works really well with forming stakes and post dollies for lightly planishing and pulling cold shrinks.

Standard: (14" long, flat face) Use to turn over radius bends without a mark, to hem edges, or to continue a shrink farther into the panel.

Big Whapper: (16" long, curved face) Use for cold shrinking over a post dolly or hand dolly or to planish (smooth) roughed-in shapes after working them with the mallet and bag.
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