Marlin Spike

Marlin Spikes

Weighs 1 lb., 12" long

Marlin Spike

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The neatest, handiest hand tool you ever saw. I use mine as a miniature hammer, a dolly, a line-up punch, and as a forming roll. It has been with me since 1972. OH…what is it?

A long, tapered, hardened steel punch that looks kind of like a huge knitting needle.

Weighs 1 lb., 12" long, full length taper, Knob on big end is 1.5 in diameter.

Below are photos of using the Marlin Spike

I used the head of the spike in conjunction with the  spoon- like this- to level up and planish out this Gray & Davis headlamp.

Ever so rarely will I need to "pick" up a tiny low spot, and rather than banging around with something heavy and clumsy, I use the spike like this. Very accurate method uses inertia to lift up those teensies- a method used by some pretty sophisticated metalmen, I might add.

Used like this, the spike becomes a mini-hammer to reach deep inside narrow openings and ding out those dents. And then I use the combination of spoon and spike to planish all the way out to a nice finish.

Go ahead and use it as a punch or driver. The head is oversized so I never have to look when striking it, and that keeps my attention on hitting the dang target!

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