Spring Steel Slappers

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Spring Steel Slappers

Guaranteed not to Break

Standard Spring Steel Slapper

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HTS-0095 $51.00

Half Round Slapper

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HTS-0098 $68.00

Our Spring Steel Slapper is constructed from 5160 heat treated spring steel and has a balance that allows it to actually rebound off the dolly for effortless use.

Use it to shrink, contour, and planish (smooth) the panel without leaving rough marks to clean up.

The slapper controls more surface with each blow than any hammer can and is very easy to use because it has the same angle of attack as your body hammer. This means you don't have to change your arm and hand position when moving from hammer to slapper. The slapper can be far more effective than the hammer for shrinking because its leverage gives greater mechanical advantage over the rough spots.

Unconditional guarantee: If this tool breaks in normal hard use it will be replaced free. Not one has ever broken!

Its Many Uses: Use the toe to pick up low spots and use the edge in reverse contours. Large high spots can be moved by holding the slapper against the spot and striking it with a hammer. It continues the cold shrink when used with the small forming bag and is ideal for planishing, fine tuning, and straightening.

This slapper is a hybrid design based on the very best features of all the slappers Kent has ever used and has been shop tested for over 15 years.

See the article How to Smooth Wavy Metal with Spring Steel Slappers

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By using the spring steel slapper and the track dolly, I am able to planish out the O/A welds on the replica Daytona pretty well.

Cobra Daytona Coupe
Spring Steel Slapper
Daytona Cobra replica

“Best tools in the box: the range of your spring steel slappers and spoon. Excellent for lock shrinking (like ruffle and trap) on a flat panel too, and then for extreme shrinks, and for final finishing – the spoon. Thank you Kent!

P.S. I have been shrinking the alloy boot for the Mercedes 300SL Roadster. It had been attacked with a pick hammer! I went around it three times pushing it all back and the gaps came back and I was able to remove a spacer under the hinge. The spring steel slapper and spoon are a must here for saving this panel.”
— Simon Leach, So. Cal. (Senior metal man)

"This remarkable tool, now never leaves my side. I have 15 years into the automotive industry as a licenced auto collision technician. I've moved onto metal shaping, and this tool is truly invaluable. Stretch on a dolly, or shrink with one of Kents shot bags. The shrinking is like magic, and a huge time saver, with excellent results. No Marks on my aluminum panels with this great tool. Wish I had it years ago!"
- Jason

"The half round slapper is Fantastic KENT !  ... thank you will send  payment  ... keep up the development ! truly awesome ..."
- Best always ..Simon

TM Technologies takes pride in knowing we offer the best products on the market for metal working. In an effort to continue this tradition we are constantly improving our products and our product line. If you have any comments or suggestions, about this, or any of our other products we want to hear from you.

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