Beverly Throatless Shear Model B-1

Beverly Throatless Shear Model B-1


Beverly Shear Model B-1

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BMC-B100 $725.00

The B-1 is the smallest of the three throatless shears weighing in at only 18 lbs. This light weight unit has the capacity to shear cleanly through 14 gauge mild steel or 18 gauge stainless. This is perfect for the home hobbyist and those working with braided hose or strap. 100% MADE IN USA

Design and Operating Features of the Beverly Throatless Shear
Beverly Shear Features
"I work with alot of sheet metal I make armour as a hobby, the man that I learned armour making from had a beverly shear and boy was it nice to use. when my birthday came around my family asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told them I wanted a Beverly shear, well- they ended up buying one from Harbor Freight, it looked like a Beverly shear but didnt work like the one I used, the first time I cut some 20 ga. sheet metal with it the cutting edge of the blade chipped all up. so I took it off and resharpened it spent about an hour getting the blades reset so the next time I cut the blades wouldnt chip. the handle is wobbly when I pull it down and the cut of the metal leaves a slight rolled edge. I put the shear in the scrap metal bin outside of my garage and purchased a Beverly shear. I guess if the only shear I ever would have used was the one from Harbor Freight I would of thought it worked fine- But I got spoiled when I used the real thing to begin with and now the Beverly shear sits proudly on my bench!"
- Curtis Keith

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