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Aircraft Drills

Taylor Pneumatic

A drill with the teasing throttle control you need. Multi directional exhaust cover channels exhaust away from user. Quiet and comfortable, the cushioned grip and quiet operation makes this the perfect ¼” Palm Drill.  (Chuck not included)
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1/4" Variable Speed Mini Palm Drill (non-reversible)

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TPC-9888 $140.00

1/4" Variable Speed Mini Palm Drill (reversible)

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TPC-9888R $130.00

Drill Chucks

Light and powerful, this high speed grinder features heavy duty ball bearing construction and a built in regulator. Includes three backing pads and a holding rod.

1/4" Special Precision Chuck & Key

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TPC-9888C $30.00

1/4" Composite Keyless Chuck

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TPC-9888KC $30.00

1/4" Metal Keyless Chuck (Note: This is for the non-reversible drill only)

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TPC-9888MKC $40.00

1/4" Special Hi-Precision Chuck & Key

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TPC-9888SPC $35.00

Air Hose Swivel

¼″ Air Hose Swivel

This handy Air Hose Swivel rotates a full 360 degrees in two places so you aren’t fighting with your hose, and allows you to keep your air hose straight regardless of how you are holding the tool. Helps eliminate kinking and twisted air hoses, and gives you improved flexibility between the hose and air tool. Standard ¼” NPT input and output. Threads connect to most hose fittings, and fit all of our Aircraft Drills and Rivet Guns, including those used with our Flow-Forming tools and kits.

Regulated Hose Swivel - 1/4" NPT

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TPC-7922R $16.00