Metalworking Belt Sander 3/4" x 20-1/2"

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Metalworking Belt Sander 3/4" x 20-1/2"

3/4" x 20-1/2" Belt Sander

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HTS-0357 $260.00

This is one very handy sander for sheet metal clean up. I sand welds on aluminum with a high degree of accuracy with this, and get no gouges in my work or fatigue in my hands. The belt moves fast with a lot of easy torque so it mows down lumpy metal fast. I have used die grinders, mini sanders and carbide saws with endless attachments and cutters for many years – but for the last 6 this has been my favorite. I can easily move the nose sideways across bumpy terrain to level it nicely. And I can follow steps, joggles and offsets accurately because this machine does not climb or wander or grab - at all. My work never looked this good.  I can sweep forward and back or sideways with great sensitivity and leave a very nice finish every time. I like 80 and 120 grit belts for fast teardown and 180 for nice prep.  Belts change out fast. Air control is great – it will purr along gently or howl into the heavy stuff at your command. Oil every few hours. Does not hurl grit in your face or chips at your neighbor. Well-behaved, indispensable machine. Lightweight Belt Sander is built for heavy use.  Includes 2 belts.

Sander Specifications

Belt Size3/4″ X 20-1/2″
Weight3.1 lbs.
Air Pressure90 PSI Max.
Avg. CFM8
Rear exhaust and adjustable head.
For use on steel, aluminum, wood, plastic, rubber, etc.
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