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Trizol® Penetrating Solvent

Penetrating Oil

Trizol Penetrating Solvent - 4oz

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RRI-0381 $5.00

Trizol Penetrating Solvent - Pint

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RRI-0382 $9.50

Trizol Penetrating Solvent Aerosol - 12oz. Aerosol must be shipped by UPS.

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RRI-0386 $10.25

Made With 100% Organic De-Gummed Castor Oil, Possesses unique active properties not found in any other penetrating oils. Trizol has the ability to immediately penetrate all rusted and gummed-up parts. Leaves a non-volatile film that provides for easy dismantling. Contains no dopes nor harmful solvents. Trizol Penetrating Solvent will quickly free up rusted parts, give you superior lubrication, protect metal parts, & stop squeaks.

Please note that we are no longer allowed to ship Trizol Penetrating Solvent Aerosol by US Mail. We can only ship the aerosol cans by UPS.
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I have had a can of oil for over 30 years and it still works great. Loosened a water valve in minutes.
- Sal A., Glen Head, NY

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