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Special Lens Headgear

Welding Goggles

Special Lens Headgear

AWS-0038 $40.25

We sell this plastic welding/cutting headgear as it is the only ratcheting non-elastic model still available. This headgear comes standard with a plastic shade 5 welding lens. It will hold the TM 2000 2"x 4.5" welding lens (sold separately). If you wear glasses, this headgear will easily flip down over them. Or if you prefer, there is room inside to install a magnifying plate from 1.25 to 3.00 magnification. The goggles and headband are made of rigid plastic that will hold its shape under welding heat. Fully adjustable for almost any size head. 

About your visual acuity and welding:
If you can’t see well then you cannot weld very well at all. Good vision is essential and you need to correct your vision at your reading distance in order to weld.

Please note: Using bifocals is not recommended for welding. This headgear will not allow bifocals to focus using the lower half of the lenses because the bottom of the goggle is in the line of sight. Change your glasses to single focal for welding. Many welders use reading glasses to weld with, or they use dedicated fixed-focal correctives (cheaters) in the headgear – just like surgeons do.

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