Welding "Y" Connectors

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Standard "Y" Connectors

“Y” Connectors allow you to run multiple torches off one regulator.  For some they have one torch that runs acetylene and another torch that runs propane but they both share the oxygen tank. For others they run a cutting torch and a welding torch of the same fuel gas set up.  These allow you do any combination without having to break out the wrenches every time you want to change torches.

Acetylene Y B-sized

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AWS-0382-2 $33.75

Oxygen Y B-sized

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AWS-0382-1 $33.75

Valved "Y" Connectors

Same benefits as the standard “Y” connectors but with shut off valves you have added control and safety to your set up

Valved Acetylene "Y" B-sized

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AWS-112 $49.75

Valved Oxygen  "Y"  B-sized

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AWS-111 $49.75