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4130 Filler Rod

This is real 4130 filler rod, please note if you are welding 4130 you only want to use this rod if you plan to heat treat your project. If you do not plan to heat treat after welding you will want to use our ER70s6 filler rod shown below.

4130 Filler Rod - 1 lb

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CMS-0219 $15.00

ER70S6 Filler Rod

Our filler rod for 4130 Chrome Moly is NOT 4130 alloy. Rather, we offer what engineers, welders, and experience shows to be the best choice for welding structures of tubing and sheet: ER70S6. I know we recommend something a little different on the 4130 Airframe Video, but I can't help making little improvements as I discover them, or as they become available. So it is in this case. This filler has great penetration and little spatter, flows evenly, and is reasonably priced. (NOTE: DO NOT use 4130 alloy filler unless you wish to heat treat the whole welded assembly when done.)

ER70S6 Filler Rod - 1 lb

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CMS-0220 $10.50