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Aluminum Flux Brush

If you are working with flux, you will need non-corrosive flux brushes and cups. The high-impact flux cup is made of nonreactive white melamine that won’t break when it hits the concrete. The Deluxe Aluminum Flux Brushes have sturdy handles with thick bristles and are specially manufactured for doing aluminum gas welding (common acid brushes are plated steel which neutralizes the flux). The Disposible Flux Brushes have lightweight handles and thinner bristles.

Disposable Aluminum Flux Brushes (pkg of 25)

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AWS-0210 $10.00

Flux Cup

We offer this plastic flux cup because it does not mess up the flux, it is the right size, and it does not break when it hits the concrete. Made of Hi-impact white melamine.

Flux Cup

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AWS-0039 $5.86

Stainless Toothbrush

This toothbrush style is the standard for welders. Used for scratch-brushing metals to remove scale, oxides, and dirt prior to welding, and also used for removing oxides and flux residues after welding. Bristles are hard stainless steel and are tied into a strong marine-grade plywood handle. These brushes are a very good quality and can take a lot of abuse. Use a sander to modify them for small tubing jobs and hard-to-reach areas.

Stainless Steel Toothbrush - Each

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AWS-0040 $1.95

Stainless Steel Toothbrush - Box of 50

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AWS-0041 $75.00


These are neat little tools, and our video demo is definitely worth checking out. They are so handy when you need to heat up a part perfectly, but you don’t want to risk going too far and ending up with either a puddle or a hole in your panel. Just mark your metal with one of these temperature-indicating crayons, and the mark changes color and melts at almost exactly the rated temperature. Less risky than using soot, soap, Sharpies, or soft pine to anneal aluminum. Available from 150F to 2000F, in varying increments.
Full Tempilstik Chart   View the Youtube video here

1200 Deg. Tempilstik

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TEM-1200 $15.95

950 Deg. Tempilstik

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TEM-0950 $15.95

800 Deg. Tempilstik

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TEM-0800 $15.95

750 Deg. Tempilstik

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TEM-0750 $15.95

700 Deg. Tempilstik

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TEM-0700 $15.95

650 Deg. Tempilstik

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TEM-0650 $15.95

600 Deg. Tempilstik

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TEM-0600 $15.95

Torch igniters

“Sparkie” the new piezo-electric torch igniter. Simply touch your torch tip to the top of it and it lights your torch – one handed!
Powered by 2 AA cells, we have used it for a year in our workshops and everyone loves it. Kent has mounted it above his gas economizer so he doesn’t need to maintain the “eternal flame” any longer. (see photo)

Piezo-electric torch igniter

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AWS-0255 $45.00