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We offer both single-stage and dual-stage regulators. Singlestage regulators reduce the cylinder pressure to the outlet pressure in one step. Dual-stage regulators do this in two steps. Single-stage regulators are used for short-duration general welding and cutting operations. If you are doing precision welding a dual-stage regulator maintains consistent output pressure for long durations. Please note: Manufacturers change or discontinue regulator from time to time without warning. As a result, we sometimes have to change regulators (make and / or models), to be able to continue offering you the most “bang for your buck.”. Our website shows the most up-to-date stock information.

Acetylene Regulator

Victor Cutskill Medium Duty 250 Series Regulator - Acetylene

Cutskill 250 Series Acetylene

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AWS-0216-VIC $125.00

Oxygen Regulator

Victor Cutskill Medium Duty 250 Series Regulator - Oxygen

Cutskill 250 Series Oxygen

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AWS-0217-VIC $125.00

Propane Regulator

Victor Cutskill Medium Duty 250 Series Regulator - Propane

Some acetylene regulators work well with propane. Please check the fitting required before ordering or before trying to use an acetylene regulator on a propane bottle.

Cutskill 250 Series Propane

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AWS-0218-VIC $125.00

Gas Economizer

Here is a handy accessory that will save you time and frustration, and will quickly pay for itself. The “gas economizer” instantly shuts off the flow of the oxygen and acetylene when you place the torch on the hanger, and relights the torch at exactly the setting you had when you pick it back up. Perfectly.

Not only does this save time, but this easy-to-reach holder saves costly fuel gases from being wasted, and saves wear and tear on your torch. This device is commonly used in radiator shops, sculpture studios, muffl er shops, body shops, and hot-working fabrication places where the torch is needed all day long. Also known as the “eternal flame” (referring to the pilot light that keeps the torch ready for action). Technically, it is a double spring-operated shutoff valve controlling both the oxygen and the acetylene gases, and is plumbed with hoses to a set of welding bottles and standard regulators. The pilot mechanism lasts best when plumbed to a small propane bottle.

operation: Connect a hose set from your gas rig to the gas saver. Join another set of hoses from the gas saver to your welding torch. Plumb your gas supply (small propane, or acetylene, or...) to the gas saver for the pilot light, and light and adjust the size of the fl ame. Hang your torch on the shutoff hook and adjust the swing and range of motion on the hook. Set the torch for the fl ame needed and hang it up – the torch goes out while the pilot remains quietly lit. Raise the torch and touch the tip to the fl ame and – presto – your torch is lit every time!

Gas Economizer - Acetylene

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AWS-0219 $342.00