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Check Valves

>Check valves help guard against plugged tips, over-pressurizing or incorrect startup procedures. Their ball valves are held open by gas pressure, and if the gas pressure tops or reverses, the ball seats and shuts off the flow.
(Note: Check Valves cannot stop a fast-moving explosive pulse but can be used with flashback arrestors for additional safety.) A-size. Mounts to torch to prevent reverse flow at point of origin.

Check Valves - Pair

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AWS-0386 $42.50

Flashback Arrestors

Flashback arrestors are designed to help prevent serious accidents caused by reverse gas flows or “flashbacks” and can help to prevent ignition of mixed gases. Their price reflects the increased safety over simple check valves. Available in regulator or torch models (see photo). sold in pairs – 1 oxygen + 1 fuel gas.

Flashback Arrestors Set B-Size (Shown in Photo)

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AWS-0374 $85.00

Flashback Arrestors Set A-Size

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AWS-0393 $115.00

Flashback Arrestors Set A-Size (REGULATOR)

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AWS-0393-R $95.00