4-Day Metalworking Intensive Workshop

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4 day Metalworking Intensive Workshop TM Tech Kent White

4-Day Metalworking Intensive Workshop

This course is for those with some previous metal shaping experience. The content covered is tailored to the needs of each group of participants. For this reason, the type of information given, pace and class projects will vary somewhat each time offered.

Day 1 – Stretching

Class begins with an introduction to the fundamental concepts of metallurgy and the behavior of metals, so that students can become familiar with and anticipate the responses of various metals to specific forces. Students then learn steps for devising solutions to stretching problems they might encounter, including how to avoid excessive thinning while achieving the fastest stretch possible. Forming machines are introduced and contrasted with hand-forming for shaping bowl shapes, hollows, reverses, fairings, saddles, and curved flanges. Annealing, work hardening, and heat-treating are then covered in the context of both making and repairing parts.

Day 2 – Shrinking

We’ll begin by exploring the underlying duality of metal, and how heat and cold, softness and hardness, and thickness and thinness affect the metal’s ability to take on new shapes. Typically we will cover nine or more shrinking methods, with applications for shaping, fitting, and making repairs.

Day 3 – Gas welding non-structural aluminum parts

Using traditional aviation teaching methods, each student is expected to make a good weld in 6 hours, just as aircraft factories trained their welders years ago. We also cover torch and tip selection, regulator pressure settings, fluxes and fillers, and demonstrate joint design, geometry, and distortion. Students are given a basic flange joint to master, and when mastered, they move on to the more difficult butt joint. The day includes 2 hours of instruction, critiques, and demonstrations, plus at least 6 hours of hands-on practice.

Day 4 – Forming Machines

We’ll use, troubleshoot, and compare the capabilities of the bead roller, English Wheel, Pullmax, and Air Power Hammer.

Cost: $1,595. Price includes all materials, supplies, plus breakfast and lunch.

Pre-req: Metalworking Fundamentals, or several years of metalworking experience, and knowledge of the metal shop environment (common hand tools, measuring, marking, cutting metal, etc.). Class may be repeated, as content varies.

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