Pushing the Limits with the Oxy-Acetylene Torch Workshop

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Torch Welding Brazing Soldering Workshop Kent White

Pushing the Limits with the Oxy-Acetylene Torch Workshop

Here is your opportunity to learn how to join five different metals three different ways. You’ll learn 15 different joining operations, and how to apply these skills to your fabrications and repairs.

Day 1 –Soldering

We begin with setting up the torch and regulators, and going over safety. Students then define the soldering job by the strengths and temperatures involved. We’ll experiment with cleaning the metals, choosing solders and fluxes, and various soldering techniques. Next, we’ll compare joint designs, along with tensile strengths and hardnesses. Then we will cover soldering for repair, construction, and fabrication in detail. Students will learn to join the different metals to each other and to themselves during several hours of hands-on practice.

Day 2 –Brazing

First we will clarify the differences between soldering and brazing, followed by discussion of working temperatures, tensile strengths, and fluxes and fillers used for brazing. We’ll also explore popular misconceptions (misinformation) about “hot metal” joining. Students will learn proper cleaning and joint prep, along with the techniques for setting the torch and applying different brazing filler metals. Several hours of hands-on practice are required of all students.

Day 3 –Welding

The day will begin by covering the ways in which welding distinguishes itself from brazing and soldering. Students will learn to weld various joint designs to illustrate the pros and cons of each method. Students are expected to learn temperatures and tensile strength variations between all three methods covered in class. Several hours of student welding practice are required. Also included are joining techniques applicable for chrome plating and anodizing.

Cost: $1,200. Price includes all materials (sheet metal; welding, brazing and soldering supplies,) plus use of safety equipment and eyewear, and daily breakfast and lunch.

Pre-requisite: Open to all skill levels. Sincere interest in oxy-fuel welding. Some knowledge of basic metalworking and shop practices is recommended.

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