The Art of Sheet Metal Shaping - From Concept to Form

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The Art of Sheet Metal Shaping -
From Concept to Form

In this 3-day program you will learn how to take your metal shaping ideas and turn them into finished shapes. This course focuses on making compound and organic shapes, including bowls, reverses, ducktails, saddles, and hollows, that are commonly used in automotive, aircraft, motorcycles, sculpture and metal art (fountains, gates, and furniture). Students will use simple hand tools, flow-forming, and power equipment to learn the steps needed to take a project from concept to final form.

DAY ONE will focus on ways to physically manifest your ideas through pattern-making, mock-ups, bucks, and maquettes.

DAY TWO gives students the opportunity to turn the blanked sheet metal into three-dimensional shapes using hand tools and forming machines. Students will learn how to manipulate and shape the metal by shrinking and stretching, flow forming, pressing, hardening, and hot working (annealing, etc.).

DAY THREE offers students experience with a variety of techniques for joining, such as welding, brazing, and soldering. The class concludes with a segment on finishing by filing and sanding, with instruction in surface finishing techniques.

Students are encouraged (but not required) to bring projects (aluminum or steel).

Your instructors for this course are Kent White, CEO of TM Technologies, and George Schroder, Principal at Schroeder Art in San Antonio. You can see George’s work and read his bio at

Cost: $395 per day (Includes materials & supplies) Meals are on your own, except for lunch when we normally all pitch in a few bucks and have excellent local cooking delivered to the shop.

Pre-req: Some basic metalworking and shop experience are needed (ability to handle tools / machines). If you are unsure if your skill level matches the course, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

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