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Tips from the Tinman

Brazing Aluminum

Kent White demonstrates brazing aluminum while repairing a damaged aircraft wheel pant

Workshop News

Alaska Workshops

ALASKA Workshops The Last Great Frontier!

We had three great workshops in Alaska this year hosted by Aviation North Expo in Fairbanks, Metal Magic in Kenai, and Bob's Services in Anchorage. We went on a field trip to see a beautifully made Bearhawk, did a big pullmax overhaul, traded a lot of metal tips, and enjoyed some really incredible scenery. Workshop Home

Who is that??

Our 20th Anniversary

It's our 20th Anniversary!

Enjoy some of Kent's favorite photos from our first 20 years, including some wild restoration and repair jobs. Read More


Making Curved Flashings

Making Curved Flashings

Kent covers the basic steps involved in shaping and forming this set of beautiful curved copper flashings. See More

Keep up with Kent

Keeping Up with Kent