Art of Coppersmithing Book

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Art of Coppersmithing Book

by John Fuller, Sr.
Softbound, 317pp, A Lindsey reprint.

Art of Coppersmithing

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Written in 1893 by one of the industry's leading authorities, and is the classic work in the field. All aspects of this ancient craft are covered, from making household copper goods and ornaments to copper piping, three- and four-way expansion joints and double bends, brewery, locomotive, and ship installations - from the simplest to the most complex and demanding work.

Clearly written and with 474 illustrations this work is completely indexed.
“I think this is a very detailed insight into the art of forming, and whether or not the goal is copper work, the art applies to all soft metals. This is a fundamental book and should be a part of any craftsman's library.” –Kent
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