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"TM" stands for "Tools & Methods" which is what we provide to metalworking professionals and enthusiasts around the globe. We offer top-quality gas welding supplies, hand tools and shaping machines, for sheet metal fabrication, restoration, and repair. Our workshops, classes, and instructional DVDs share and preserve the best centuries-old metalworking techniques gathered from master craftsmen over the past 40 years.


Many years ago, Kent did a lot of metal work to the nose of this RS 60, as the car had been wrecked and repaired during its racing career. The new owner wanted the nose to match the car when Stirling Moss drove the car for the 1960 Porsche factory team, at the Targa Florio. Here are images of the job that Kent (The Tin Man) did, in his shop in 1985

Power Hammer

NEW - TM 4000 Floor Model Air Power Hammer

From aircraft to art metal, and hotrods to harleys, this new machine shrinks, shapes, stretches, flanges any metal from 12-gauge steel to .3003, and even planishes the softest metals beautifully. It is one of the fastest, safest, hardest-hitting and most versatile sheet metal shaping machines on the market. Read more


What the heck is Flow-Forming?

Are you tired of hammering your flanges over or knocking them down flat? Hammering, shrinking, and stretching metal can be time-consuming and can wear out your arm. Why not use a time-saving power tool instead? This handy system doesn't beat up the metal, and you'll be surprised at how fast you can make parts.   See all of our Flow Forming Products


Metalworking Faqs

Metalworking Q & A

  • FAQs: The Tinman Answers
    Kent answers hundreds of customer questions on rust removal, welding, soldering, brass, cast iron, TIG vs. torch, bead rollers, brakes, bending, sheet metal, and more.

  • Getting Started in Metalwork
    Ever wondered what the "essential" tools are? Kent takes you through hand tools, welding equipment, and forming machines, and what you need when.

Fun reading

  • Articles by the Tinman
    “How-To” articles and photos, some previously published in Sport Aviation, Experimenter, Custom Planes, and Auto Body Repair News.

  • Thanks for your Assistance
    Photos from appreciative customers showing how TM products solved their metalworking conundrums.


  • Our Tool Philosophy
    Why we don’t sell every metalworking tool on the market, just the...

  • "Why we’re “Made in the U.S.A.
    Many tool and machine companies are manufacturing off-shore to save money. Not us, and here’s why...

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    We carefully choose and manufacture all of our products, If you are un-satisfied with any purchase for any reason, we will cheerfully & promptly refund your money.

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Tips from the Tinman

brazing aluminum video

Brazing Aluminum

Kent White demonstrates brazing aluminum while repairing a damaged aircraft wheel pant

Workshop News

Workshops – 29 Years, 1995-2024!

We started in 1995 when we were invited by Delta Airlines in Atlanta, GA to do a 3-Day training for their best craftsmen. Delta brought in their top instructors and mechanics from all over the US to attend this training; making 747 cargo door skins. More...

Celebrate Craftsmanship!!

Our 20th Anniversary

25 YEARS of Supporting the Craftsman

Enjoy some of Kent's favorite photos from our first 25 years, including some wild restoration and repair jobs. Read More

We came upon this cloud formation in the sky above Lake Berryessa. We were very lucky to get the rainbow angle from the sun. More...


Making Curved Flashings

Making A Copper Finial

Kent covers the basic steps involved in creating this finial, a “vaastu” element of harmonious construction. See More