Our company began in 1989, when founder Kent White saw a need for special tools, supplies and educational materials for metalworking. He realized that centuries-old metalworking skills were rapidly disappearing, and that new, innovative tools and techniques were needed to revive and preserve these traditions. TM's first product, the TM 2000 Welding Lens was the first effective lens to defeat sodium-orange flare, and it became the cornerstone upon which many more successful products were born.

Today, TM produces hand tools, forming machines, welding supplies, workshops, and DVDs for metalworkers looking for high-quality ongoing support for their craft. Our goal is to offer high quality at a fair price and solid technical support for our students and customers. TM's clients include Polaris, Honda Marine, Mercury Marine, GM Prototype, Ford Prototype, Harley Davidson, FMC, Delco Remy, Hughes Satellite, Boeing, Delta Airlines, B.F.G Aerospace, Toyota Off-Road, Fed-Ex, UPS, Kodak Labs, and many others.

We're located in the pine and oak covered foothills of the Sierra Nevadas outside historic Nevada City in the Gold Country of California. Even though we are gloriously rural, we are served daily by UPS and Federal Express so we can respond promptly to your needs.

Our Tool Philosophy

We believe in offering good quality at a fair price. For us, value means enduring usefulness and consistent joy of use. Our design staff includes engineers and professionals from very successful companies, bringing you products that have already been researched, tested and proven so you don't waste money and time experimenting for yourself. Our tools and materials are proven by craftsmen in the working environment, and should give excellent results in any shop or in the field.

As part of our dedication to keeping old craftsmanship alive we support many small shops by offering their goods. We carry many fine domestically-manufactured products, some made by skilled hands in cottage industry settings. If you find something wrong with one of our products, send it back to us and we will cheerfully replace it or refund your money. (Please note: there may be a 15% re-stocking fee on some items.)

We look forward to serving you.

Tips from the Tinman

brazing aluminum video

Brazing Aluminum

Kent White demonstrates brazing aluminum while repairing a damaged aircraft wheel pant

Workshop News

Workshops – 29 Years, 1995-2024!

We started in 1995 when we were invited by Delta Airlines in Atlanta, GA to do a 3-Day training for their best craftsmen. Delta brought in their top instructors and mechanics from all over the US to attend this training; making 747 cargo door skins. More...

Celebrate Craftsmanship!!

Our 20th Anniversary

25 YEARS of Supporting the Craftsman

Enjoy some of Kent's favorite photos from our first 25 years, including some wild restoration and repair jobs. Read More

We came upon this cloud formation in the sky above Lake Berryessa. We were very lucky to get the rainbow angle from the sun. More...


Making Curved Flashings

Making A Copper Finial

Kent covers the basic steps involved in creating this finial, a “vaastu” element of harmonious construction. See More