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Tips from the Tinman

brazing aluminum video

Brazing Aluminum

Kent White demonstrates brazing aluminum while repairing a damaged aircraft wheel pant

Workshop News

Workshops – 28 Years, 1995-2023!

We started in 1995 when we were invited by Delta Airlines in Atlanta, GA to do a 3-Day training for their best craftsmen. Delta brought in their top instructors and mechanics from all over the US to attend this training; making 747 cargo door skins. More...

Celebrate Craftsmanship!!

Our 20th Anniversary

25 YEARS of Supporting the Craftsman

Enjoy some of Kent's favorite photos from our first 25 years, including some wild restoration and repair jobs. Read More

We came upon this cloud formation in the sky above Lake Berryessa. We were very lucky to get the rainbow angle from the sun. More...


Making Curved Flashings

Making A Copper Finial

Kent covers the basic steps involved in creating this finial, a “vaastu” element of harmonious construction. See More