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Workshop participants in the 4-day Metalworking
Intensive refine their skills on the English Wheel.

All of our Metalworking Workshops cover different fundamental training topics each day (such as shrinking or stretching, joining, shaping with hand tools, shaping with forming machines, etc.), and each is a stand-alone intensive study and practice on those techniques. Common topics (such as planishing, metal finishing, annealing, work-hardening, heat-treating, patterns, and layout) will be covered within the context of the broader technique covered each day.

This means you may attend any combination of days that cover the areas you wish to study. For instance if you are only interested in attending the one-day module on Gas Welding that is taught within our 4-Day Metalworking Intensive, you may be able to attend just that segment (if space is available). Please note however that reservation priority is always given to participants who will be attending all days of the workshop.

Some courses include special workshop preparation materials. If your course has prep materials, you will receive these approximately 3 weeks prior to the start of your course. Prep materials may include printed articles and/or DVDs. Kent requests that the articles be read and DVDs watched prior to the start of class. Prep packets are available only to those who sign up for all days of the workshop. If you are attending only part of a workshop, please contact us regarding what advance-study materials you might need.

Please note: Kent's tricky techniques for teaching include conundrums, brick-walls, and brain twisters. You will learn to solve problems and to think like a real metal-man — by overcoming obstacles, and by using your bucket of grey cells. Gold star, anyone? It goes on your permanent record, you know.

2019 Courses

Other Courses – offered by request

We also offer the following programs and workshops that might not be on our current schedule. Please contact us if you’d be interested in having us offer one of these workshops at our location or yours. If enough people show interest, we can sometimes add it to our schedule. If you have a small group that is interested in attending, or if you’d like to host a workshop or program at your shop, please give us a call at 530-292-3506.

We Also Offer

Hands-on Workshops or Training Programs at Your Location

Do you have a crew that needs to improve their efficiency or their metal working, welding, or forming machine skills? Are you part of a group of metal shapers that would like to host a workshop? Kent can design a specific teaching program to suit your needs, using your equipment, at your site based on your specific needs or area of interest. You only need to list what tools and equipment you have and what your group wants to accomplish.

Past programs have included instruction on the English wheel, Air Power Hammer, power shrinker, and aluminum gas welding. Other courses have covered aircraft sheet metal fabrication and repairs; fuel tank construction and repair; auto body fabrication, repair, and restoration; and general metal behavior for parts fabrication. Kent has also given small group and private instruction for automotive, aircraft, motorcycle, and art metal groups, and academic programs. He has done corporate consultations for BFGoodrich Aerospace, Delta Airlines, UPS (Shannon, Ireland), FedEx, Precor, EAA, and others. Students of his Aero Metal Workshops receive FAA IA Course Credit for Refresher Training Courses. These off-site workshops range from 2-5 days, with the cost based on number of days, travel and expenses, costs of shipping equipment or tools if needed, and number of participants. Most off-site courses are hands-on (assuming a shop is available), although Kent does present lecture-only programs for trade shows. For more information, please call 530-292-3506 or contact us regarding workshops.

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Workshops at other Locations

From time to time, Kent offers workshops at locations besides those mentioned in this schedule. Topics may include specially requested subjects, plus metal shaping, fabrication and repair, or gas welding. To be notified of workshops at the following locations, give us a call at 530-292-3506 or contact us regarding workshops:

Anchorage, Fairbanks, Kenai


San Antonio

West Coast
South San Francisco


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