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From Idea to Pattern to 3-D Metal Shape Workshop

This 4-day class is geared for serious students, metalworking instructors, and metal shaping professionals.

Students will make patterns from 3-D shapes, to analyze size and where the shape goes. Then comes transferring the information to metal blanks, and cutting the blanks out accurately. Students will then manipulate the surface area by stretching and shrinking methods, using hand techniques and forming machines, including the Wheel, Pullmax, Air Power Hammer, and Flow-Forming tools. Of course, we’ll also cover working the shapes accurately and efficiently using various corrective methods. Welding and brazing, along with annealing, planishing, and metal finishing round out the hot-working and finishing sections of the class experience.

Day 1 – Pattern Work & Bucks
Being able to pattern a shape from a 3-dimensional solid onto a 2-dimensional surface requires an understanding of materials and layout. Patterns are made from a variety of materials, including paper, paper board, plastic, wood, and wire. During day one, the students will experience different paper weights and the use of different board materials to make flat and 3-D mockups.

Day 2 – Layout & Cutting
The day begins with learning to accurately transfer our flat patterns onto metal stock. Students will use shears, snips, and cutting machines to cut the metal blanks safely, and learn a variety of methods to deburr the sharp edges safely and properly. Students will then transfer the shaping information from their patterns onto the metal, so they can predict where they will need to accurately shrink and stretch to get their intended shape.

Day 3 – Shaping
Day three begins by focusing on manipulating the surface area of the metal by stretching and shrinking. We then address work hardening, and practice annealing and hot-working. Next, students learn to generate compound shapes using hand tools and power equipment, including the power shrinker, kick shrinker, hand shrinker, Air Power Hammer, and Pullmax.

Day 4 – Joining, Planishing and Metal Finishing
Students begin the day by butt-welding steel and aluminum, and planishing their welds smooth. Any rough work left from the preceding day will be taken to a planished state using Air Hammer, hand tools, and the Wheel. Metal finishing using files, sanders, and polishers will enable the students to see how well their planishing succeeded. Emphasis is on speed, accuracy, and efficiency. We’ll also use vernier calipers to determine the metal lost by metal finishing.

Projects are encouraged! If you have a project you would like to bring to the class, please contact Kent prior to the course to determine if what you plan to bring is a good fit with the course content.

Cost: $395 per day (Includes breakfast, lunch, materials & supplies)

Pre-req: The 4-Day Metalworking Intensive, or equivalent life/work experience. It’s recommended that students have some proficiency with welding and metalworking tools, and working in a shop environment. This class is geared for serious students, metalworking instructors, and metal shaping professionals.

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