Flame Resistant Forming Bag

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Flame Resistant Forming Bag

Double Wall Canvas

Flame Resistant Small Forming Bag

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HTS-0088 $24.00

Flame Resistant Small Forming Bag - Filled

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HTS-0088-F $40.00

Does your hand-shrinking need some help? Do you want to do a better job when shrinking steel? How about aluminum? 3003? 5052? 2024? Do you want to shrink copper? Brass? You will discover a whole new world of shrinking with these amazing bags. Kent developed these back in 1976 for hand-shrinking a Duesenberg with a Graber (Swiss) body. Loads of polished aluminum that needed to be straightened and polished for Pebble Beach. These little "soft dollies" are the key to shrinking by hand, in the middle of the big panels. Filled with a very special shot and sewn very tightly out of a top-grade canvas, they will last for years. (Kent still has one of his original bags.) An essential tool -- and you will not mark the metal if you do it right.

Doing hot work? This Flame Resistant bag is ideal for shrinking warm metal. I would not use it for white-hot steel, but I have used it for doing hot shrinks.

Size: 4" x 4" Double Wall Flame Resistant Canvas

Suggested Filling: Ultra Fine Lead Shot.

Uses: Holding parts. Locating parts while welding. Hand shrinking on cold sheet. (Perfect for shrinking soft metals in the cold condition.)

Note : Lead or steel shot may be used. Kent prefers lead, however, because it doesn't rust in humid climates.
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