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Workshop Testimonials

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“TM Team, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the seminar I took in April! In addition to the really great instruction, food, and camaraderie. I have regaled my friends about how much fun I had, and I returned home refreshed and very enthusiastic about addressing my daily toils. The confidence that Kent instilled in me to go after metal forming was just what I desired. I could tell that the time I spent filling out the questionnaire was worth every second, as whenever Kent stopped by my station, or I asked him any particular question, the context of his answer, and the approach of working with me toward a solution, rather than just telling me an answer, helped me learn how to strategize my approach; that was exactly what I asked for… in addition to Kent providing me with his tricks of the trade.” — Hans Iwand

“Kent, I didn’t really get a chance to properly thank you for the workshop before I left. It was highly instructive and it will take me many months to digest all of the information provided. I really appreciate you spending time passing on this knowledge…” — Chris Maresca

“Kent, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop. You and your whole staff made the workshop an informative and truly enjoyable experience. Your teaching style made the workshop — you managed to dispense your lifetime of experience in bits and bites that made it easy for all levels of students (even teachers) to understand, learn, and practice a skill. I look forward to taking another course in the future.” — Gary L. Hutchins

“That was quite a workshop, my head is still spinning with all the information I got from Kent. He answered questions I’ve been wondering about for years, and he really managed to compress a tremendous amount of instruction in a short period of time. I am making a replica of our class workstation in my garage so I can continue with my practicing. Also, I don’t think any of us were expecting five-star food in a welding workshop, so that was an amazing surprise. I feel very fortunate that I was able to attend.” — Joe Doeringer

“Kent, I have got to thank you and your staff for the friendship and great time I experienced attending the Metalworking Intensive workshop. Travelling from Sydney, Australia was worth it. I have taken home with me new skills and a better understanding of how to approach some problem tasks. I found that although everyone in the class came from differing backgrounds and specific interests, we could all share from each other. To spend time with somebody who restores Cord motorcars, a lady who does blacksmithing, and an airline pilot was a lot of fun. The way you teach and the fact that you take time to show each person how to work with metals, was great. A fantastic learning experience and I recommend it to everyone interested in metal working.” — David Dent

Air Power Planishing Hammer Workshop Kent White

“Just a few words of gratitude for the class I was lucky enough to attend. I think about the experience often. Everyone at TM made it the exceptional experience that it was! One of the most important aspects of the class, to me, is the respect for tradition that Kent conveyed. Many thanks again for the inspiration!” — Jim Tiberti

“Dear Kent, Your class in the fall was cool beyond words. My current project is building parts for a Cassutt airplane. Once again the process of working with the metal to get what I need rather than fighting the metal and scrapping the project is a blast! Thanks for all the help. Thanks.” — Dave W., Whitewater, WI

“Kent, I also wanted to thank you for another great workshop. I continue to learn more and more as I listen to you talk and watch you work. In addition, your stressing of the physics of metalworking provides me with a much deeper understanding and allows me to continue the learning process on my own as I develop and expand the fundamental techniques. And the new air hammer dies are awesome. That tool just keeps getting better and better.” — HB

“I had a great time at last weekend’s workshop; I’m looking forward to using my new skills, ideas and tools on my street rod project. I didn’t tell you how good I thought the breakfasts and lunches were. They were just the kind of things I like to eat and they were well prepared.” — A.B., Seattle, WA

“Again, thank you for a seminar that was not only overwhelmingly informative, but a lot of fun to boot!” — T.E., Boulder, CO

“Thanks for the fun and informative workshop. I took this planning to learn to make a J3 cowling, or at least repair the old original. Now I get to make a full buck from scratch. I found a fellow who also has a J3 but lives much closer than the guy for whom I am going to make the cowling. This closer J3 owner used to be the commander of the Top Gun school! Thanks again.” — Howard, Santa Rosa, CA

“I’ve seen some great metal men during my years in this business, but I’ve never been around anybody who can do all the things Kent can do. He is so versatile. It’s just awesome!” — Don Baumunk, owner D & D MetalWorks, Grass Valley, CA

“The workshop was tremendous. The only thing I can liken it to is a religious experience!” — M.S., Chicago, IL

“My son has made a career decision through those four days. He now wants to organize our projects and can now see how to finish them out. Because of this, I will rethink my plans regarding my (automotive) business. Thank you very much.”

“I never thought I could gas weld aluminum, and I had tried for years. In one day, your methods made me a welder. I can weld aluminum now, I can really gas weld aluminum!”

“I was sure frustrated. But I stuck it out, and sure enough, by the end of that one day I was gas welding aluminum.”

“The methods, information, and camaraderie are unforgettable.”

Aviation Industry Testimonials

“My participation in Kent’s 3-day class on English Wheel Work for Aircraft gave me a new view of the sheet metal skill. His contagious enthusiasm gives a refreshing view as to what sheet metal is all about. He passed on his knowledge, experience and critical eye so well that I will remember this class for a long time. I will also gladly pass this experience on to my co-workers.” — Timothy G. Simmons, 17-year Sheet Metal Tech., Delta Air Lines, TOC, Atlanta

“Your 3-day English Wheel program at Delta Air Lines greatly improved my teaching skills, and I really think your teaching methods of visualization and focusing are leaps and bounds ahead of conventional methods. After your class I found that I was able to convey a much clearer message to my own students and that my own understanding of the metal had greatly increased. Please keep using these methods when teaching other schools!” — Norman Fernandez, 40 yrs. Sheetmetal, 15 yrs. as Instructor at DAL TOC, Atlanta

“The tools and methods from TM Technologies have significantly changed the way I do metalwork. If I had taken this workshop two years ago, it would have saved me a **** of a lot of work!” — Jim Younkin, aviation inventor & fabricator, Springdale, AR

Air Power Planishing Hammer Workshop Kent White

“I thoroughly enjoyed your 4-day seminar (Stretching, Shrinking, Aluminum Gas Welding, Planishing, and metal finishing) at Brodhead Airport. Your informal teaching style allows ideas and information to flow easily between teacher and student. Your efforts to improve and preserve the process and procedures of one-off prototyping serve us well in the repair field; I will be passing along your techniques and information to our A&P/welding students.” — Steven L. Dawson, A&P, IA, Gateway Technical College

“Wow, incredible.” — Darryl Greenamyer, American aviator, record-setting pilot

“Thank you very much for your help on the Provost, our crew has benefitted tremendously.” — Larry Kampel, Kampel Aviation

“Kent White has trained our men to a significantly higher level. He is also the first outside contractor we have ever hired. We are very pleased.” — Delta Airlines, Technical Ops Center

“I have worked in the aviation industry since 1961. I am a pilot w/ATP Type Ratings in B-727, B-757, and B-767. I am an A&P w/ IA, and have taught metal theory and aircraft sheet metal at both Colorado Aero Tech and at E.G.O.S. A&P schools. I have 20 yrs. experience in sheet metal with both airlines and general aviation, and for nine years had my own FBO, specializing in aircraft inspection, repair and rebuilding. After attending your 3-day class in aluminum metallurgy theory, gas welding and forming, I now understand the entire family of aluminums used in the aircraft industry and their inter-relationships with each other. For the first time in my life I am confident in my abilities to complete the repair (or duplication) of any aluminum part on my projects. Your knowledge and research is unique in the world because you have extracted the technical mumbo-jumbo from technical writings and have translated it into clear, concise information, tailor-made for the aluminum metalworker. Thank you for taking me from confusion to order and making it fun, too!” Sincerely, Rex L. Meyers

“I thoroughly enjoyed your 4-day class, learned quite a bit, gained some confidence and feel genuinely privileged to have had the opportunity to participate in your workshop. Especially with someone of your reputation and obvious skill. I am really enthused about adding much of what I learned to my company’s Structural repair classes. Your techniques and procedures are just what the aerospace industry needs. As a metalsmith, I find it is amazing the lack of understanding of our roots. I think you have a lot to offer us. Also, I would like to compliment you and your crew for the friendly, courteous manner in which you handled all of us. You all were unfailingly polite and accommodating. Thanks again for a terrific experience.” Sincerely, Tim Switalski, Instructor, BFGoodrich Aerospace

“Thanks again for all of your great encouragement and instruction. I know I can do it! Thanks especially for the confidence building through the ‘hands-on, just do it!’ training!” — Patty Dorlac, aircraft owner, restorer

Testimonials from AirVenture (Oshkosh)

“Your presentations at Oshkosh this year were the highlight of the convention for me and many others. I have wondered for many years how the ‘old time craftsmen’ worked aluminum and steel free hand. You showed us how!” — GW, Canandaigua, NY

“I left so inspired that I launched a whole new project, and am now midway through it.”

“Your methods have sure changed since 2 years ago. I sure caught on this time.”

“We learned a lot this year. And last year, too.”

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UPS MRO, Shannon, Ireland
BFGoodrich Aerospace
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Air Metal Fabricators
Kampel Enterprises
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Columbia Helicopters

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