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Although many think TM stands for Tin-Man, which is the nick name Kent White has earned over the years, but in actuality TM stands for "Tools and Methods". In short anyone can swing a hammer, but it is knowing, which hammer to use and how to use it that makes it such a powerful tool. This is where the education, or methods, of metal working come in. When TM Technologies was founded in 1989 by Kent White, he realized that centuries-old metalworking skills were rapidly disappearing, and that new, innovative tools and techniques were needed to revive and preserve these traditions. You will find many vintage films in our DVD collection along with films by Kent White where his years of experience are presented to you in an easy to follow along at home format. For those who are wanting more of a hands on approach we offer:

Onsite Workshops: Whether you are new to metal working or you are looking for a way to bring your current skills to the next level we have a workshop for you. Small class sizes allow for a lot of personal attention and with each workshop tailored to those who are attending no two workshops are ever the same. Each student will receive a packet in the mail including prep material and a questionnaire. The questionnaire is to help us understand what you currently know and what topics you want to cover while attending. For more detailed information please follow the links on the left side of the page under workshops. If you still have questions please feel free to contact us. - More Info -

Project Consultations: Kent helps out on projects, at customer's site, or at Kent's shop. These can take anywhere from two or three days to several visits over two or three years. Kent can also help the customer tune-up and modify his equipment, as well as teaching the crew. Cost is per day plus expenses and travel.

Corporate/Company Trainings: Kent will design a teaching program to suit your needs, on your equipment, with your crew, at your site. You need to specify what tools and equipment you have and what you want to accomplish.This program is best accomplished in three or four days. Cost is based on number of days, travel, and expenses.

Private Instruction: "One on One" instruction is available from time to time. The individual comes to our site with a clear objective or project and we spend 8 to 10 hours per day together working on skills, techniques, remedies, and solutions. There are many ways to skin a catfish, and so it is with metal work. Best to schedule one to three days. Cost is $1100 per day. Lunch and all materials are included.

Learn at Home: Learn at Home: TM Technologies currently has several how-to articles as well as a growing number of frequently asked questions and photos on our site. This information is for those of you at home looking for a reputable information source but keep in mind everything you see should be attempted at your own risk and TM Technologies is not held responsible for any bodily harm of any sort. If for any reason you have a question about one of the topics you see on our site please feel free to contact us. New items and information are added all the time so check back often. By popular demand we have also now renting our instructional DVDs. For more information on renting our films, please select the rental tab found on each films webpage.