The Forming Stump, Slappers, Spoon & Spike Booklet

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The Forming Stump, Slappers, Spoon & Spike Booklet

by Kent White
Booklet - 30 pages, 2009

The Forming Stump, Slappers, Spoon & Spike

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The Forming Stump Booklet and Slapper Booklet have been combined with the addition of the Spoon and Spike. The combination of these unique and simple tools allows you to shape, contour and smooth sheet metal. The Stump is one of the most useful tools in the metal shop. You won’t see them sold on EBay, but you will hear about them being used for forming sheet metal. First major tool Kent had. Cheap, available and effective. Even if you live in the city you can find and prepare your own stump. This interesting little booklet tells you how. The “Slapper” is a wonderful straightening, forming, and planishing tool for sheet metal that covers a larger area and gives a greater mechanical advantage than a hammer. Slappers date from the turn of the 19th century and today have different names. Using one properly will speed your work and give you much better results. The “Spoon” is one of the finest finishing tools ever designed. In the 1930s, Pexto and Fairmount made heavier models with wide faces. Widely known for its precise balance, wide variety of uses, and exceptional durability, this tool is often the last one touching a polished aluminum part in the Tin Man's shop. The “Spike” is the neatest, handiest hand tool you ever saw. Kent uses his as a miniature hammer, a dolly, a line-up punch, and as a forming roll. This booklet covers all of them in depth and is a great source of information for anyone working metal. From roughing in shapes to smoothing out a part for polish, this booklet will get you started the right way.

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